Threat Analysis, Simulation and Penetration Testing

Breach and Attach Simulation

We assess your main attack vectors and the effectiveness of your current protections, such as Email gateway, Web Proxy, Endpoint Protection and EDR, Network Firewalls, DLP and WAF. In this assessment we deliver thousands of malware (in a safe manner) and assess the penetration ratio in subject attack vector. We also will map it to the MITRE ATTACK framework and will provide you with solutions to remediate the discovered gaps. It is all done automatically, and can be setup in less than 2 minutes!

Automated and Manual Penetration Testing

Infrastructure penetration testing is a time consuming practice, and the results are only as good as the pentester’s knowledge. At the same time, scope are limited, and arranging them to execute continuously is almost impossible due to costs! Our automated penetration testing platform, will continuously assess the vulnerabilities and run penetration testing in your environment, while prioritizing the findings based on their penetration ratio to have a more precise remediation activities. The setup may take about 5 minutes, and it automates your complete vulnerability assessment and penetration testing in a single platform.

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