Email, Cloud Applications Security and Data Protection

Email and Cloud Applications Protection

We can protect your organization’s Email, whether its Office 365, Exchange or GSuite. Our unique approach in protection delivers the highest rates in threat detection and response, when it comes to malware protection, Business Email Compromise Mitigation, Anti Spam or Phishing protection and response. We also know that your data is saved and shared through apps such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Zoom, AWS S3 or SalesForce and hence, protect those cloud applications as well in the same package for you. It’s a 24/7 detection and response service where we continuously protect your environment from threats and attacks and provide you with the most detailed reports for enhancements and efficiency.

Web and Cloud Data Protection – CASB and Web Gateway

In order to protect your sensitive data, stored or processed in cloud applications, we offer the best CASB and cloud applications protection to identify what data is stored in which location, who has access to it and how it may be shared with others inline with your security standards. We protect your company against data breaches and help you in your compliance where you need.

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