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CyberDNA is an Australian based Human Data Security company, founded in 2018. Your assets’ security is what we care about, where ever it is, and in which ever format. Whether its about protection of your sensitive data, business operations or your brand reputation, we got your back! Companies mainly fail to answer this simple question, how securre is your data RIGHT NOW? We help you to identify your sensitive data, current attack vectors, current protections’ effectiveness and gaps in the current setup and your business risks. Next, based on those identified risks we provide you with a tailor made security solution to fix the gaps. We continueously monitor threats and vulnerabilities and proactively remdediate any gaps in your cyber security. In addition, we empower your staff to act as a human firewall, detect any malicious behaviour and respond to it accordingly in a timely manner. Together, we make your business thrive, without any worry on cyber risks!

Our key differentiators

Who we assist

Health Care, Energy, Banking and Financial, Manufacturing and Mining are among many other industries who we assist. Our experience and advanced technological expertise enable us to offer the most niche cyber security services for your specific business needs.

How we assist

After receiving your requirements, we run a risk assessment, based on analysis of the threats and vulnerabilities in your environment's and their likelihood of exploitation. We help you in identifying the gaps in your security controls and finally will assist you in planning and remediation of those control gaps.

What we assist with

We can assist you with the assessment of risk and compliance in your IT or OT environments (in Cloud, on-premise or in the Datacentres), Threat and Attack Simulation, active or passive Vulnerability Assessment, Industrial Controlling Systems Security, Gap Analysis and Risk Assessment, Data Loss Prevention (DLP/CASB), Endpoint Protection (EPP/EDR), Web and Email Security, Phishing Attacks Mitigation and Security Awareness, Cloud Security, Mobile Security, Access Management, Web and Mobile Application Protection, Data Base Security, Secure Remote Access Solutions, Data Visibility and Control. We have the expertise, to assist you in minimizing the security gaps, and achievement of your industry compliance.

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