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We help you to identify your attack vectors, understand how effective your controls are protecting your assets,
discover how resilient your users are against social engineering attacks, have a realistic view of your risks,
and together plan and mitigate those risks
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The main 4 attack vectors are including Email, Web, Endpoint and Human factor (Staff). We help you to have a full visibility over your attack vectors, detect and protect against anomalies and respond to cyber-attacks in seconds. We help you to have a complete, continuous visibility over your cyber risks and reduce them to an acceptable level at all time. Advanced automation and use of Artificial Intelligence, in addition to our expert and skilled team of analysts, helps us to achieve this goal for you. With CyberDNA, you will reduce your cyber operation’s costs and risks, while increasing your overall visibility and protection. Endpoint Protection and Response, Email Security and Phishing Threat Detection and Response, Advanced Penetration and Vulnerability Management, Security Awareness Training and Phishing Assessments, Web/Mobile Applications Protection and Incident Response, Breach and Attack Simualtion and Industrial/SCADA security are our speciality and we offer you the most effective and cost efficient managed security services.

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Gap and Control Analysis
  • Tailored Security Solutions

Our Featured Services

Threat and Attack Simulation

Threat and attack simulation will automate the penetration testing process through delivering the exact malware behaviour and assess the ability of the controls

Threat Detection, Protection and Response

Through consolidation of several detection and response capabilities into one single platform, we can minimize the rate of false positives, and respond to threats and attacks effectively.

Automated Penetration Testing And Vulnerability Management

In less than 5 minutes, and with the most user-friendly setup, you can start your penetration testing.

Email Security And Phishing Threat Mitigation

We combine technological advances and human education into one platform, to ensure you are protected not just at the edge of your network, but up to the mailbox and your staff.

Web and Mobile Application Protection

Web Application Firewall (WAF), DDOS Protection, Bot Management, User Behavioural Analytics (UBA), Load Balancing, and Caching.

Industrial Controlling Systems Security

Our passive, non-intrusive detection solution will bring a full visibility over the assets you have, their vulnerabilities will provide you with the most effective solutions to remediate the gaps.

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